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Welcome to The Darktremor.  This is a site created as a way for me to experiment on new design templates.  However, I also put this site together to help mirror files...especially for the Android platform.

Feel free to look over the site.  More content will be added as time progresses.

Updated:  May 7, 2010

Updates have been delayed quite a bit.  I am moving to a new hosting site, so I'm redoing the site.  New site is http://www.darktremor.info and http://www.darktremor.net.  I'm keeping darktremor.com and I'll forward it to the new site once I'm done.

Rom page is seriously outdated.  I'll work on that this weekend.  So many new Roms coming out that it's a full-time job just keeping up with it.

I'm going to create a new page for new projects.  One of the new projects is Darktremor A2SD.  Current version is 2.7 (still being tested).

You can get the latest here:  http://www.darktremor.info/files/a2sd/a2sd-2.7beta5-signed.zip.